Unleash Change

Creativity training

meets body work

How does it work?



We define creativity as the capacity we all have to use our knowledge, imagination and experience to find new ways of solving old and new challenges. Creativity opens perspectives. It helps us break old patterns and recall the fun and curiosity that are naturally part of thinking and that can be lost due to routines, frustration or everyday stress.


Body awareness: Our body is in fact part of our thinking/decision making process.

Our participants learn to use their sensations and emotions to their advantage while acting and reacting in their professional (and personal) life. This can take many forms, from being clearer about decisions by becoming aware of their “gut feeling” and priorities, to preventing conflict by noticing the physical signs of their anger, stress and exhaustion at an early stage and acting accordingly.


We train creativity and body awareness in parallel and use each to better understand and assimilate the other.


Body awareness is trained through movement and guided attention practices. This represents a very practical and rewarding new angle, as the training makes it clear how blockages in the body affect both our productivity and overall well-being – and how we can use physical exercises (breathing, relaxation, etc.) to resolve blockages we can’t affect through cognitive techniques.


Creativity is trained by exploring alternatives and introducing helpful thinking tools to break limiting patterns. Strategic and structured thinking becomes fun, and results in new solutions to challenges and problems. It is also a great tool to design and simulate plans step by step, noticing and mending the consequences of possible mistakes before the plan is put into practice.


The exercises we use are quite unique and deliver an extra effect to the participants in terms of team building, fostering mutual trust and considerably improving the working atmosphere.


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