Unleash Change

Creativity training

meets body work

We offer a few modalities that will always be tailored to our clients’ particular needs and goals:


  • conflict management workshop
  • stress management workshop
  • innovation training
  • VUCA cognitive readiness training/coaching
  • Office Health body awareness training


  • Unleash Change program (Our favorite!)



Every workshop includes:

- prior orientation/dialogue with the organizer on the client's side for us to get familiar with your specific needs and wants

- written summary material that helps our participants refresh and use the tools in the future

- the possibility to combine it with personal coaching, further events about related topics or additional work with parts of your team

Communication/Conflict Management Workshop


This is a very simple and effective stand-alone workshop.


Within six hours (two blocks of 3 hours with a 1.5 hour lunch break), our participants learn a solution-oriented approach to conflict and criticism, including:


  • communicating in an assertive way,
  • dealing with disagreement,
  • constructively expressing and receiving criticism,
  • noticing their physical feelings and sensations, and using this knowledge to stay objective and stop things from “pushing their buttons”

Innovation training


Innovation is essential to continuous success and sustainable growth. The need for it may be obvious - e.g. when developing new products, services or communication strategies - but innovation can be necessary and helpful in many other domains as well, some of them very subtle and specific to your company.

We offer a program that will potentiate your team’s experience and expertise. Through dynamic and relaxed exercises, participants gain a wider horizon and practical ways of generating powerful outcomes and finding exciting new possibilities.

The program is always tailored to your company's specific needs; the average is 6 weekly meetings of two hours each.


Office health/body awareness


Getting a whole office to feel and work better starts with each person taking care of their health. This workshop provides practical exercises of body awareness, relaxation and movement. They enable you to tackle specific work-related symptoms (tension in the neck, headaches etc.), to identify and change your reaction to stress, and to increase concentration on the spot.

This training can significantly improve the workplace atmosphere, and stabilizes the overall productivity by preventing stress-related illness. At the same time, it opens channels to improve communication and collaboration.

It can be taught in a day (two blocks of 3 hours with a lunch break) or on two separate days. In some cases, a longer course or periodical refreshers may be useful.

Stress Management Workshop


A very practical and compact experience, this workshop trains participants in new ways of reacting and communicating under stress. It is based on self-acknowledgment of triggers and habitual reactions, and on taking responsibility for those habits and changing them - while building trust and respect among participants. Assertive communication training and relaxation exercises round off the experience.

This workshop requires three separate dates of four hours of training (with at least four weeks in between meetings).

VUCA cognitive readiness training/coaching


VUCA stands for volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous - which describes the challenges in today’s business world very well. Turning managing into dynamic leadership and facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration is key in a VUCA world.

Our training/coaching system effectively fosters the skills and cognitive readiness that are crucial for these times, helping leading personnel to build and polish the specific skill set your company needs.


Combining one-on-one coaching for leading positions and team coaching for interdisciplinary projects as needed, we can design the perfect fit for you.



Unleash Change Program



(Our favorite!)



Here, we combine all of our talents, knowledge and experience to bring change and evolution to whole teams/companies.


Six meetings programmed and adapted to the company’s goals and needs will unleash personal and team creativity while improving communication and trust. Body awareness makes this format unique and highly effective.


During the six meetings, the basics of human creativity (divergent/convergent thinking) are explained and trained so that they become an active part of life and work; the connection between physical well-being, health and productivity becomes clear and easier to profit from in daily life. Powerful thinking tools (creative mind mapping, brainstorming, assertiveness in thinking/communication, the 5-Whys technique… and others) open the door for every participant to design and achieve positive change.

Self-assessment and bodywork aid the transformation of personal and team blockages - be they creative, communicative or confidence-related (e. g. anxiety affecting public speaking/pitching or conflict resolution).


As a fundamental part of this training, participants complete projects to practically apply the tools they learned. These will take about three hours of personal and team work in each period between meetings.

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