Unleash Change

Creativity training

meets body work


The Unleash Change team combine their unique multidisciplinary/multicultural background and many years of experience to create, design, and facilitate change and innovation in a simple and very effective format.


Birte Viermann


Birte is a psychologist and a certified bodywork trainer with 20 years of experience in helping clients get to the root of their problems, adapt, and achieve meaningful change. She teaches people to build and foster a better mind-body connection that supports professional and personal development. Her expertise is especially useful in today's world, enabling people to stay healthy, productive, and balanced.

Birte’s academic background gives her the necessary tools to easily translate what is often vaguely felt and frequently misunderstood: the needs of our bodies and their relationship with our mind and behavior.



Víctor García


Víctor studied philosophy, graphic design and art, specializing in marketing and PR. His professional experience brought him to the conclusion that creativity is inherently necessary for human beings to function in every area of life. He has studied creativity from different perspectives and looks at it from the psychological/scientific point of view as much as from the artistic one. After more than 10 years, Víctor has fine-tuned the necessary knowledge and people skills to foster and train creativity and developed a fun and effective system supporting companies and individuals in designing, achieving and enjoying change.


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